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We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of quality in materials and workmanship. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and all our work is unconditionally guaranteed. We have been the preferred choice of table manufacturers, billiard halls, professionals and billiard connoisseurs for over 9 years. We know what it takes to do a quality job. We are always the least expensive, and we always get it right!! You have my word. Our regular services are listed but we can also help you with any unusual or custom needs.

We give free estimates and can work with you or your insurance company.

We pride ourselves on being an industry leader. Our firm commitment to customer service has enabled us to work for some of the most discerning clients. As our company grows, you can rest assured Pool Table Movers Best will adhere to its tradition of excellent service.From residential to commercial pool tables.
With 24 Hour emergency service available, and every employee a Certified Pool Table Technician, it’s no wonder we provide the BEST service in the Southern California.

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Creates Tables • Moves Tables • Service Old Tables

With 24 Hour emergency service available, and every employee a Certified Pool Table Technician, it’s no wonder we provide the BEST service in the Southern California.

Pool table is disassembled at one location/residence. It is then carefully loaded and protected while being transported to the new location/residence. Once there, the table is completely assembled and is ready for play
If you just moved into the area or purchased a new/used pool table and the table itself is in the room where it is to be installed, this is the service you are looking for.Or  if you are moving long-distance, installing new carpet or flooring, etc. The pool table is dismantled and all of the pieces are marked if need to guarantee that the table will be re-assembled correctly. The pool table is then stacked neatly in place to the customer’s satisfaction.
Replacing the old cloth with new cloth of your choice on the bed and rails. We remove all of the old staples, ensure that the frame and the playing surface are level, the cushions are fully secured to the rails, and the seams between the slates are properly sealed  where needed.



Recovering Pool Tables

Assemble, Disassemble Pool Tables, Billiard Tables, and Game Tables

Leveling Tables

Creating Pool, Billiard or Game Tables

Moving Pool Tables to a New Location

Re-Cushioning of Pool or Billiard tables


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